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Who are Patrons?

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Patrons are a vital part of the MetaGame

As opposed to players, who are actively contributing their labor towards the creation of MetaGame & thus generating Seeds; patrons are here to water those Seeds until the Trees grow & MetaGame becomes self-sustainable.

Watering Seeds

So what’s the product, what’s the revenue model???

There are a few, actually, along with various monetization & sustainability strategies. If you want to dig deeper, it might be best to dig down the raids section & ask some questions or read the PurplepaperΒ πŸ™ƒ

Why you should become a Patron of MetaGame?

We prefer our patrons inrinsically motivated, so the main reason you'd want to become a patron is just the fact you love this whole idea of MetaGame & want to see it succeed.

  • If you weren’t so damn busy, you’d probably join in on building it, but at this point, its easier for you to just pitch in a bucket of water & support the movement passively.

Leagues & Perks

Becoming a patron also comes with some perks!

The total number of Patrons in Phase I is limited to 150. The rank requirements are subject to change based on top 150 pSeed hodlors & most perks (besides seasonal) will only be unlocked in the transition to Phase II β€” set for Q3Β 2023.


All Patrons

(total of 150)

Current req: $93.87

Membership & a vote in MetaGame

Access to everything players can access

A member of The 300 of MetaGame

Achievement NFT

Appearance on the leaderboard

A you.metafam.eth address

Patrons-only chat

Automatically whitelisted for any drop

Monthly Q&A with the Champions

Guaranteed entry to MetaFest IRL 2023 (Q3 2023)

Bronze League

(total of 21)

Current req: $109.38

Ranked league achievement NFT

Octo wearable for the metaverse

Lifetime membership with all premium features

Shill package

Qualify for Elders Ring (advisory circle)

Early access to limited edition drops

Genesis MetaManisfesto NFT

Silver League

(total of 14)

Current req: $868.04

Free pass to any MetaGame event

Higher weight votes

Achievement defined & named by you

Access to the ancient MG Notion archive

A digitphysical MetaGame shirt

Golden League

(total of 7)

Current req: $1,711.28

You as an NPC in MetaGame

Hall of fame in all MG metaverse embassies

Access to the ancient MetaGame Roam archive

Forever renewing the shirt

Platinum League

(total of 7)

Current req: $2,604.13

Private AMA with any Champion or Diamond player

Priority access to MetaGame investment deals

NFT achievement named after you

Part of the lore

Diamond League

(total of 7)

Current req: $5,226.90

Talk access at Champions Ring calls

Genesis Epic MetaManifesto (on sale for 1eth)

MetaFest 2023 free accommondation

Diamond league merch

A part of the last Seed supper photo

...aaand for the one & only πŸ‘‡

No. 1 Patron of MetaGame’s Seed Phase


Current req: $26,621.32

Top spot on the patrons leaderboard

Unique achievement NFT

You become the patron saint of MetaGame with a holiday in your name

The original MetaGame sketch along with an NFT, signed by peth & given in-person

Note: Yes, you get what the previous league gets + your own league perks!

Other patrons include…

How to become a patron?

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Water Seeds yourself

Watering Seeds means adding Ether & RAI to the Seed pool aka plantation. You’ll need to have some Ether on Polygon, add it to the pool, join Discord & talk to the CollabLand bot to let youΒ in.

Want a more detailed guide?


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Buy & forget about it

Too busy for buying the esoteric Rai, bridging over to Polygon & patiently watering Seeds over a long period of time so as to not overwater &Β slip?

We got you covered! You can buy a chunk directly from MetaFam, justΒ ask.